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The Golden Guild Theta

What does it mean to be Prime Tech Theta Certified?

  • It means that after an assessment, at the level of your needs or request, an expert in the quantification of value according to Prime Tech Theta Standard, will give you a report on your status.
  • The Certification is a status report. As your status may change every season or year, considering that yourself, your services/product or organization will develop in time.


How to get Certified? How can i receive more information ?



Please review our PDF Presentation: GoldenGuildTheta-Membership

Which are the benefits of the Golden Guild Theta Membership?

  • After one has a Prime Tech Theta Certificate, if eligible, will be invited to join the Golden Guild Theta.


The benefits are:

  • e-learning programs only for members.
  • Strategic leadership training.
  • Seminars and boot camps every year or season.
  • Meet ups, Pechacucha presentations.
  • Open space gatherings..
  • Micro economy, or inner economy.
  • Investment opportunities.
  • Shared/use of gift certificates.
  • Business collaboration and network.
  • Tools for recruiting and job search.
  • Advertisement and collaborative marketing campaigns.
  • Customers recommendations of your services shared to public.
  • Continues verification and validation Guild system.
  • e-Game, Life role play, dedicated to self-knowledge and personal development.
  • Listed in the Golden Guild Theta Directory.
  • Futurism reports, new trends.

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